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As a central platform for access and distribution in the cloud, oneclick ™ enables the management of the entire technology stack for application provisioning. oneclick ™ combines the software, platform and infrastructure as a service of any local and cloud environment behind a web portal.

Oneclick enables the management of the entire technology stack for application provisioning. oneclick ™ combines the software, platform and infrastructure as a service of any premises and cloud environment behind a web portal.
Everything as a service (XaaS) means that you can consume all of this as a service. With oneclick ™, administrators need to spend less time implementing and maintaining resources and services, but they can use their expertise to further develop the organization's information technology strategy.

Accelerate your agility with a
platform that does it all

The property comes with unnecessary expenses and commitments. Why buy IT infrastructure, platform features, applications, security and access solutions, as well as end-user devices, when you can reserve all of this as a service at a lower cost and with full flexibility regarding usage real? Everything as a Service helps you innovate faster, transform digitally, access cutting-edge technologies, and succeed in global competition.

100% web-based access to oneclick ™ facility environments

Allows hassle-free and secure remote access to a existing environment in the facilities. Only required a site-to-site VPN connection for all users mobile phones and remote locations, between the oneclick ™ and the target infrastructure. This connection is automatically delivered in an insulated container. To the deliver applications to users through streaming, the need for complex management is eliminated VPN, expensive leased lines, and cumbersome handling VPN clients on end devices. The applications and the data never leaves the place of safe accommodation.

Automated deployment of individual desktops in the cloud oneclick ™ platform

Has an interface with known data centers IaaS providers, allowing you to deploy and safely deliver different types and sizes of virtual machines with the desired operating system to users distributed in real time. The high level of smart automation and recommendations they mean that no expert knowledge is required. Once an environment has been created, it can be duplicated using an image function. It can link the cloud infrastructure provided by oneclick ™ with event profiles for activation and automated deactivation according to the hours of individual users work.

Effective protection of web sites and applications For protected publication of web applications

oneclick ™ offers a self-developing technology of browser in browser. The required browser is provides each user in an encapsulated container Linux on demand during access time. No longer is necessary to make internal websites accessible through public access to the Internet and you can do without Client-to-site VPN connections. With optional bracket legacy, you can also safely continue to use older browsers, such as Internet Explorer, which already not supported by Microsoft. From the point of view of user, indirect access to the web application can get hold of any modern HTML5 browser.

Help digital transformation

Thanks to the integration of two-way audio, oneclick ™ now offers the perfect solution for every level of maturity of digital transformation, from the simple provision of individual applications such as Software such as Service up to a fully digitized workspace. The digital workspace, as we define it, offers easy and highly secure access to all applications and business data through a central web portal, including the possibility of integrating collaboration and Voice over IP.

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