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Build resilience to failure, maintain customer trust, and improve incident response with Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering platform.

Prevent expensive outages

Avoid costly downtime. Minimize your risk of system failure by proactively testing for
weaknesses before they become outages.

Shorten development, deployment, and migration cycles

Prevent rollbacks and service disruptions by identifying weak points in your
system before launch.

Deliver zero-regression, on-time, on-budget migrations
Ship more reliable code, more often
Continuous improvement
Train the next generation of SREs with real-world scenarios

The most comprehensive Chaos Engineering platform

Confidently run Chaos Engineering experiments

Confidently test systems reliability by thoughtfully injecting failure into services, hosts, or containers with a Gremlin attack. Using the attack library, see how systems respond to a variety of common failure conditions. Scale the blast radius of the attack once you're confident in system stability, and easily halt attacks should issues arise.

Teams who frequently run Chaos Engineering experiments - weekly, or monthly - have >99.9% availability. Keep your availability high and your incident count low by setting attacks to run on an automated schedule.

Validate resilience to common failures

Scenarios let you run multiple attacks in sequence and create more complex Chaos Engineering experiments. Create your own, or use Gremlin's pre-configured library of Recommended Scenarios to simulate real-world outages that can impact performance, uptime, and customer experience. Share scenarios across teams to create a stronger culture of reliability.