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Company profile

Grupo ASICA is a business leader in the implementation of its own and third-party software in Honduras and the Central America. Their work is focused on consulting and advising on information technology services for complex organizations. With a multidisciplinary and highly specialized team, Grupo ASICA have become a true guarantee of success in the development of information technology projects.

We offer

Technical support

We provide our customers with the knowledge and technical support required to speed up solutions to problems that arise by reducing the development, installation, and maintenance time of their applications.


In a changing world, we offer productive solutions that both entrepreneurs and the government must have to allow them to adapt, change quickly, effectively and at a low cost.


Grupo ASICA leads the growing market demand for strategic information management, business intelligence, location intelligence and data storage solutions. Together with a series of innovative business and technology services, capabilities and experience designed to meet the needs of our clients.

We have based our institutional development on state-of-the-art technology and commitment to our clients, implementing an internal system of continuous training of our staff. We are experts in the development, implementation, and training of Software for the sectors: Financial, Distribution, Document Management, Human Resources and ERP for SMEs; without neglecting our experience as a true integrator of different Software solutions, committing ourselves to our clients to implement the acquired solutions in a timely manner to optimize their potential.